Matt & Jess

How They Met: It was Matt and Jess’s sophomore year at Virginia Tech. Matt’s best friend and Jess’s best friends at school were newly dating each other at the time. They both conveniently wanted to set up Matt and Jess. They thought they'd be a good match and said it would be fun to go to date functions and such all together. Jess and Matt both didn't care that much to be set up or meet someone at that time but after the night they met it was totally game over. They become obsessed with each other. Matt even told his friends that he met his wife. Their friends' relationship didn’t last much longer after Matt and Jess met, but they both still are really big parts of their lives individually and always say that they walked so Matt and Jess could run.   


The Proposal: The night started by Matt and Jess going to a dinner spot they had been dying to try. They sat down at One White St for dinner and Matt couldn't stop giggling. On the way home the sunset was beautiful so Matt suggested they would go watch the sunset on the roof. Now the roof was a special place to Matt and Jess. It connected to their New York City kitchen window. They had so many special moments up there and it was almost like their safe place. Jess said that everything seemed so perfect when they were up on the roof. Once they got to the roof it was decorated and Matt got on one knee. Jess was speechless. Afterwards, all their friends and family were across the street at their most favorite restaurant waiting to celebrate. The next morning they headed to the beach, for the last beach day of the year and ended the night with a family barbecue. The whole weekend felt like a dream Jess explained.

The Ring: Matt proposed with a Pear Cut Diamond set in our Classic Two-Tone Setting with hidden birthstones.