Erik & Dania

How They Met:  Erik and Dania met through their coworker who happened to be in a leadership cohort with Dania. They were introduced at an event for a nonprofit that Dania worked at and they instantly hit it off. They started off casually seeing each other, but a few months later they were dating! 

The Proposal: In mid-October, at Promontory Point in Chicago, during peak fall colors, Erik and Dania went for a little nature walk before heading to the Art Institute. He was nervous. As they got to his predetermined spot they saw a bunch of runners. So he had to stall until they moved. Dania was suspicious but went with it. He asked for her coat and got down on his knee and pulled out the ring to ask her to marry him. She said yes! Then they had an hour long photo shoot before heading to the Art Institute. In the evening, they rented out a rooftop in West Loop, ordered catering, and Erik surprised Dania with their immediate families and cousins. They celebrated with champagne and lots of wine


The Ring: The ring is an Emerald Cut Diamond set in our Classic Two-Tone Setting!