Derek & Stacey

How They Met: Stacey and Derek were set up by their mothers who both had a mutual friend. Although, both of them were totally against the idea of being set up by their families. They both went along with the setup in order to please their mothers. To both of their surprise it worked out and that was the first of many more dates to come. 

The Proposal: Stacey came home after a long day of work tired and feeling a bit under the weather. Derek had a whole set up in the backyard waiting for Stacey’s arrival. She walked out to a huge beautiful proposal and Derek went down on one knee and asked Stacey to marry him. 

The Ring: The ring is a Round Diamond in our Classic Setting in platinum. Additionally, the diamond is extra special to Derek and Stacey because the carat weight numbers have a special meaning to the both of them.