Andrew & Ariel

How They Met: Andrew and Ariel both went to Penn State together but they didn’t meet until senior year. All throughout college, their friends had always told them that they needed to meet, yet they never did until senior year! They had even been to some of the same parties before. One day they finally met at a tailgate and made it official before graduating. 

The Proposal: The proposal was set to take place in Central Park, although when the day came it was pouring rain. Andrew had told Ariel that they had a friend’s birthday brunch across town so she needed to dress up and they would walk through Central Park to get there. Ariel of course insisted they take a cab as it was raining cats and dogs.  Andrew knew he needed an excuse to go to Central Park so he had his brother in law call Ariel to say he had sprained his ankle in Central Park and needed help. When they got to the park to “help” their brother in law, Ariel saw him standing proud with his dog and no sprained ankle! Andrew escorted her to the Western Shore Boat Landing and she quickly realized what was about to happen! Andrew got down on one knee and had both of their families hiding in the bushes! Afterwards they celebrated at their favorite neighborhood bar with friends and family.

The Ring: Ariel’s Ring is a Radiant Cut Diamond set in our Classic Two-Tone Setting.